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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my SeaSucker hold?

How do I return a product I purchased on-line?

Do you sell replacement parts?

Do I need to clean the surface I’m going to attach my SeaSucker to?

Will the sun damage my SeaSucker?

How do you remove a SeaSucker once it’s attached?

Do you sponsor teams/athletes?

How can I get some awesome SeaSucker stickers?

I heard you love home-baked cookies; where should I send some?

Where are SeaSuckers made?

What if my SeaSucker gets wet?

How should I store my SeaSuckers when I’m not using them?

Do you have military discounts?

Can I use my SeaSucker in the rain?

Why won't the Flex Arms on my iPad or phone mount bend?


Is it okay to use my rack in cold temperatures?

Can I use the Komodo for mountain bikes?

What can I carry on a set of Monkey Bars?

Can I use SeaSucker racks on the back window of my hatchback or SUV?

What if my bike has a through-axle fork mount?

Can I put a SeaSucker rack on a wrapped vehicle?

Which way should my bike face on my car?

What if I have a Cannonade Lefty fork?

Can I use a Falcon rack on the roof of my car?

What kind of rack should I get if I have a convertible?

How do I keep some jerk from stealing my bikes?

Should I take my SeaSucker off when I’m not using it?

Will my SeaSucker rack damage my car’s finish?

What if my handlebars are touching on my Mini Bomber or Bomber?

How do I keep my pedal from hitting my roof when my bike is mounted?

Which SeaSucker bike rack is best for travel?

Where should I attach my SeaSucker bike rack?

What rack do I use for carrying kayaks or canoes?

What if my car has a an old/chipped paint finish?

What if my bike’s front wheel isn’t quick release or through-axle?

How can I use the Flight Deck if I have a through-axle?

Will my bikes fly off my car if I go too fast?

Will you engrave my nickname/team name/company logo/favorite band name (METALLICA!) into my Talon/Mini Bomber/Bomber?

Where do I put my front wheel when using a SeaSucker bike rack?

Will SeaSucker racks work on a glass or panoramic roof?

Can I attach a fat bike on a SeaSucker bike rack?

Can I use the Hornet rack on the roof of my car?

Does the Tesla Model 3's glass problem affect SeaSucker?

Maintenance and Warranty

How do I clean/maintain my vacuum mounts?

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?


How quickly will I get the things I order?

Do you ship internationally?