Rack: The big kahuna. You’ll find your rack with vacuum mounts already attached.


Fork Mount: We make you attach the fork mount so it will fit in a smaller box. Don’t worry, it’s easy and we even supply the tools.


Hardware Bag: This will contain 2, 4, or 6 nuts and washers depending on how many bikes your rack can carry. It will also include a wrench and allen key so you can attach your fork mount to the rack as soon as you get it!


Rear Wheel Strap: To secure your back wheel, of course!


Crank Arm Strap: Some people like to secure their crank arm so the pedal doesn’t swing around and ding the roof. Better safe than sorry.


Lube Tube: This is important for maintenance so do not throw away! You should be lubing your pumps every couple of months. Check out our instructional videos for more on exactly how to use it.


Spare Vacuum Mount: Exactly what it sounds like. A spare just in case one of your vacuum mounts gets damaged.