Here are 4 simple reasons why our rack is right for you.

Versatile. Instead of outfitting 4 cars with receivers or fixed roof racks, one SeaSucker does the job. What's that, did you say something about leased vehicles and rentals? Campers, RVs? Or how about the dreaded day when your rack becomes obsolete since you're buying a new car without a... alright we think you get the picture.


Quick Installation. Our racks install in under two minutes and come off in seconds. No more setting aside a Sunday afternoon to bust out the tools and pry that roof rack off. SeaSucker makes it easy to transfer your rack from car to car and from car to storage.


Fuel Efficient. Third party tests have proven the average 12,000-miles-a-year driver spends an additional $200 - $500 a year on fuel when using racks that stay on all the time - even with no bike in the rack! That's what our racks cost! Our racks essentially pay for themselves every year.


Travel Friendly. Are you the adventurous type who travels to exotic (or mundane) destinations with your bike? Score! Our racks are small enough and light enough to fit into a bike bag or carry-on.