Does your car have a metal or glass roof? It fits.

Here at SeaSucker, we are all about versatility. Our racks are made to fit virtually any car. They can be mounted to both glass and metal, meaning the possibilities of where to mount and what cars you can use are practically endless - just don’t mount your bikes backwards, sideways, or at an angle.


The real question when it comes to selecting your rack is: how many bikes do you want it to hold?


For the cyclist on the go… Our best selling rack and the workhorse of the SeaSucker fleet. Small and light enough to fit into a bike bag or carry-on for you adventurous types who travel with your bike. For one bike.


For the cyclist who rides with a buddy... Never have to worry about bringing a friend along. Plus, did you know the easiest way to humble brag about your cool, new bike rack is just to throw your friend’s bike up right next to yours? For two bikes.


For the cyclists who is always over-prepared… What if your friend brings a friend? What if you want to bring both your road, mountain, and downhill bike on a road trip? What if you have to save two stranded cyclists on your way to a ride? We’ve got you covered. The biggest and strongest consumer rack we make. For three bikes.

Did we mention that we’ve also designed specialty racks made for pickup trucks, convertibles, sports cars, hatchbacks and SUVs?