Tellaro - Extra Large Customizable Table

Tellaro - Extra Large Customizable Table


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Our biggest table is also our best. It's chock-full with features, and best of all, you can customize it with your boat's name! The 34"x15" cutting area comes with two different swappable surfaces: clear acrylic, which shows off the under table lighting (did we mention yet that that table has a LED-lighted base with a water-resistant 9-volt battery box?), and white HDPE, for when you're going to get down on some serious filleting. The back rail has multiple slots for knife and pliers storage.

Maybe best of all, this table attaches to our Ozy Mount base, which is two of our super-powerful 6" vacuum mounts connected to a Magma® LeveLock positionable rod holder mount. The table can be easily popped off the Ozy Mount to use as a serving tray when not on fillet duty. The Ozy Mount is included, i.e., you do not have to purchase it separately.

Lead time on this item is approximately 2 weeks, and longer for custom, but it's worth it.